To live in a Zen space is to live thoroughly…

Zen form and architecture is inspired from Japanese minimalistic conception and ancient traditions. The notion is truly tranquil, well-reasoned and centered. A Zen inspired space will try to say what can’t be said. In Zen teachings you’re the absolute reality, inseparable from your surroundings, a function of the universe. You can spend your entire life looking for the ideal place to live…I’ve personally come to the conclusion that the only way to possibly find that, is to be it! Creating a space that nourishes and supports your overall well-being is conducive of this ideal.


In Zen, to be clear minded is not to have very little thought as some believe. Its about purity and clarity in the sense that your mind isn’t sticky, you don’t hang onto grievances, you detach yourself from the past. It’s about going with the flow of life weather you like it or not. You can swim against the stream but you’ll still be moved along by it in an act of valueless futility, leaving yourself exhausted and frustrated. Or you can swim with the stream and harness all of its energy as your own. The flow-on effect of these principals are clear when it comes to Zen inspired Interiors and gardens.


Creating a Zen space is shaping something that is harmonized with nature, seamlessly flowing between the boundaries of man-made and natural environments, indoors and outside, the true Zen space stays perfectly balanced encouraging you to relax in minimalistic bliss, unwind and be at peace, leaving you re-charged and ready for the buzz of today’s hectic life that lays on the other side of the door. Why do you think the majority of the most famous spas around the world are modeled off the Zen footprint?



One of the beautiful things about Zen interiors is it is a design style that comes with few strict rules, leaving you with a myriad of possibilities. The main things to keep in mind are minimalism, clean lines, symmetry and regular shapes. Aim to amalgamate the bridge between inside and out with the use of natural materials where you can. Integrated vegetation and light to create a lush environment. Things like timber, Bamboo, Stone, Slate and natural fibres are all suitable elements. I would even go as far to say – try to make as smaller ecological footprint as possible by integrating as many sustainable elements as you can. If you’re in a position to do so, coupling your space with things like passive heating through geographical orientation, passive cooling with cross ventilation, solar hot water, high performance insulation and double glazed windows will eliminate a lot electrical disturbances in your home which will help you with de-stressing.



De-clutter! Stay organized and you will stay calm. Minimalism and flow in your space will instantly bring a level of peace and melt away background anxiety. Its fact that colour impacts your emotional and psychological state. It can greatly affect your energy and mood levels. It is important that you choose colours that project a calm, happy and settled vibe. Think – natural colours, in soft tones, such as white, green, jade, shades of beige or orange , soft greys, soft blues and navy blues. When it comes to furniture it should be simple with clean lines but don’t for a second think that should limit you to contemporary furniture. Remember natural materials = warmth and relaxation. Another important element is plants. Zen is very good friends with a bit of greenery.

When it’s all said and done you want your space to not only give you a perfect excuse to clear your mind but beckon you there and then let it render itself on your entire life weather you’re at home or not.


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