Austral Build Prelim Agreements – The Groundwork for a superior project


The first stage of your Tender submission is a “Preliminary Agreement”, referred to as Preliminaries (or ‘prelims’). By using Architectural/Engineering plans and Specialist reports we can more accurately assess the work required to formulate a scope, a detailed cost analysis and Tender Submission.

A Custom Home build requires a one-off detailed, fixed price Tender Submission that is tailored to your unique project. Your custom home is not like a project home that is replicated hundreds of times nor should it be approached in this way.

Depending on what stage of planning you’ve reached and what documentation you have obtained, the remaining steps of the prelims and the tender process will vary. Have you already obtained plans from an architect, engineer, interior designer, surveyor etc for Austral Build to use in our pricing? The associated costs and how we move forward from here will depend on the construction documentation you already have, which may include:

In order for a Tender Submission to be meaningful, it has to be accurate, contains clear and detailed information for both parties to rely on as the build moves forward. An accurate quote takes a significant amount of time and money to prepare each project is different in scope and site conditions.

• Detailed and Contour survey

• Ident Survey

• Feasibility and development enquiry

• Soil or geotechnical report

• Engaging architect/designer to draw up a concept and subsequently detailed working plans

• Interior Designers finishing schedule

• Engineering reports and plans

• Meeting requirements for planning consent and approvals

• Other specialist consultant reports

• Locating existing infrastructure within

the site

• Cost analysis/Quoting

• Analysis of plans, existing plans and construction documentation

If you’re in the very early stage of the project or have yet to engage an architect, we would suggest asking us to put together a design and construct for your project. Alternatively, if you already have some or all of these documents, this is taken into account. Austral Build will assess what needs to happen from here and the associated costs for our time to produce highly detailed and accurate pricing for your project that will be outlined and agreed upon in the Prelim Agreement.




It is easy to get a free quote, but most builders will not want to spend the time or effort on it. They will throw a square meterage rate at your project or low ball the quote and make up their margin by lowering standards or adding extras and variations during the build. Too often the client engages the lowest cost builder because it is hard to understand the quote. What sounds like a good deal the beginning, can end up being much more expensive,

or the project just fails to achieve your desired outcome at the handover. In some cases, the builder may even walk away from the job prior to completion after realising their costing shortfall.

A paid Preliminary Agreement allows us to spend more time to investigate options and information at the outset which provides certainty down the track. In particular, for addition and extensions work, multiple site visits and confirmation may be required during the prelim process.

During our initial consultation, we will estimate if your budget is workable. If we believe there is a mismatch between your budget and the realistic cost of the project we will not offer our service. If we enter into an agreement with you, we are committed to producing a guaranteed fixed price Tender Submission with a detailed breakdown of the entire scope with all finishes and fixtures assessed.

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