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With the increasing cost of land prices in Sydney, more and more people are setting out to explore what development is achievable on their land. Under the new leniencies NSW government have built into the medium-density housing code (July 6th, 2018), dual occupancies such as Duplex’s can be constructed on smaller, narrower blocks as complying developments and certified in as little as 21 days, skipping the development application process. This opens up a myriad of opportunity across Sydney for unlocking thousands of sites greater investment potential.

Dual Occupancy is a solution that is an exceptional way to maximise the potential value a block of land has to offer – creating equity, boosting your income and reducing maintenance costs. It’s considered a low-risk development, and it isn’t just for developers but its no secret we are time-poor and property development can be a daunting prospect. Austral Build has the expert knowledge, proven track-record and experience in Dual Occupancy Developments to guide you through the process.

We offer comprehensive solutions on Multi-Dwelling developments working synergistically with building solicitors, Financial advisors and estate agents that we use on our own developments. We understand not everyone has the time, knowledge, or drive to put their money to work for them and the steps to property development can seem unmanageable. These are just some of the ways we can help manage your journey to more financial freedom and a property portfolio.

  • Property searches. We go to our network to find you a property that meets your needs (generally off-market and/or before auction) and help you negotiate the best price.
  • Feasibility Reports through to full service, turn-key Preliminary agreements covering everything from purchasing to knock down re-build.
  • We run all the numbers working closely with market trend information and local estate agents producing accurate projections
  • Financial Strategies that will help you sharpen up your application if you need some financial advice or help with obtaining finance we can help.
  • Liaising with pest and building inspectors, conveyancers and all the other specialists to bring your investment project through to handover and listing.

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