An Ode to the Humble Hallway

We need to give hallways a bit of credit. They’re much more than simple utilitarian paths that link spaces. They’re anchor points, they’re exhibition halls for treasures! When they’re truly integrated into a design and treated with the respect deserve they frame focal points and draw the eye to a place that makes you forget about your functional journey and embody the meaningfulness of good design.


Beautiful Hallways


They can sometimes be soulful conduits between spaces, full of character and function that give you a proper welcome.


Hallways Inspiration


When you think of circulation, blood moving around the body probably comes to mind. In architecture, the concept isn’t so different. Hallways are the arteries of the home, circulation routes that people take through and around buildings or urban places. Circulation is often thought of as the ‘space between the spaces’, having a connective function, but it can be much more than that. It is the concept that captures the experience of moving our bodies around a building, three-dimensionally and through time.




Thoughtful placement of elements and art can shape space and add visual depth while sparking the interest of the passersby and serving as a conversation starter.



Or they can be left as empty space and still be dazzling, brightening the way you circulate through space. This amazing space is open and airy while maintaining privacy.. Sophisticated design with a sense of depth and soul in the aesthetic.


Alex Callaghan | Austral Build



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Beautiful Hallways

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