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Design and construct.

Austral Build are design and construct specialist that delivers homes with distinctive spaces, master-crafted finishes and bespoke design. A place for you to enjoy memories for many years to come.

Every custom home project begins with a conversation that helps us understand you and your families needs, wants and desires, how your lifestyle might change over the coming years and what your long term needs are.

We work collaboratively with our trusted Architectural, Design and Engineering partners to achieve the highest standards of quality while embracing a wide spectrum of design styles. Whether it’s a sleek Contemporary – hi-tech space, an elegant Hamptons classic or you want to immerse yourself in luxurious Resort Style living we deliver exclusive residences with first-class quality and service.

We design specifically to each site and our experienced team is with you every step of the way - whether your land is vacant or has an existing home on it - from feasibility reports to surveying, meeting requirements for council planning consent, the entire design and planning phase, picking all your quality finishes, working with our interior designers, through to the
construction and maintenance phases.

Every facet of your Custom Home project is considered with passion, attention to detail and an understanding of your deep emotional involvement. We know that building a home is one of the biggest investments a person, couple or family can make so we ensure we are as available, transparent, professional and flexible as possible during the process. There is a stigma in the building industry that this process can be very stressful and daunting, so we’ve set out to break this barrier down at Austral Build and make sure this process as enjoyable as possible.

To learn more about some of the intricacies and costs that can revolve around building luxury custom homes in Sydney, take a look at this article


Knockdown and

Your home your style.

Custom Homes

Client supplied plans.

Dual occupancy.

Austral Build has the expert knowledge, proven track-record and experience in Dual Occupancy Developments to guide
you through the process.

We offer comprehensive solutions on Multi-Dwelling developments working synergistically with Building Solicitors, Financial Advisors and Estate Agents that we use on our own developments. We understand not everyone has the time, knowledge, or drive to put their money to work for them and the steps to property development can seem unmanageable to
many. These are just some of the ways we can help manage your journey to more financial freedom and a property portfolio.

• Property searches. We go to our network to find you a property that meets your needs (generally off market and/or before auction) and help you negotiate the best price.

• Feasibility Reports through to full service, turn-key Preliminary agreements covering everything from purchasing to knock
down re-build.

• We run all the numbers working closely with market trend information and local estate agents producing accurate projections.

• Financial Strategies that will help you sharpen up your application if you need some financial advice or help with obtaining finance we can help.

• Liaising with pest and building inspectors, conveyances and all the other specialists to bring your investment project
through to handover and listing.


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