Blocks aren’t blocks

We often get questioned by clients or family/ friends about what type of block someone should buy. The answer to this question is very dependent on the type of Custom Home you have in mind. What a developer needs for maximum yield is clearly different from someone looking to build their own dream custom home.

Finding that all-important balance between cost and location is the big factor when considering a property. Then for someone wanting to create their dream home, there might be some other lifestyle considerations that come into play, such as views, and proximity to the ocean, shops or schools.


Once the perfect location has been established, there are several factors that can impact both the build and design costs as well as the liveability with your new custom home.


In Sydney where the warm sunlight comes from the North, it’s a good idea to look at sites with good access to the Northern light. Talk to us or your builder and architect about creating light-drenched spaces that take full advantage of all available northern light through appropriate building orientation. This is also a great way to passively improve some of your custom homes energy efficiency.


Most residential sites are pretty much rectangular and where a longer side faces the North this is optimal and there is obviously more potential for warm natural sunlight. That’s not always the easiest thing to find though and it should be known that a well-reasoned and executed design will be able to capture good light even if the shorter sides are North facing
Sloping blocks can often provide good potential for interesting designs and views. Significant slopes, however, are likely to increase the building and site preparation costs through access, excavation and additional building elements.


Site size and access will also affect building costs. Those inner suburban sites that seem so perfect from the clients perspective can be very difficult for us to access, from a logistics standpoint and ultimately to build on. That’s not to say we wouldn’t take it in our stride; its more to say you need to be prepared for the extra costs that will be involved.


As far as the complex questions that surround the best decisions for growth and investment it wouldn’t seem unreasonable to think of a real-estate agent being the one to ask regarding potential growth of certain areas but they often come with the reputation of saying whatever it takes to make a sale. You really need to do your own research! Or speak to us about our Investment Building Services and we can give solid advice on profits and yield for a development project.


You need to know, getting development consent in Australia’s stringent planning environment can be tough. Again – we can perform all the relevant development enquiries and show you how your Custom Home will be affected by planning overlays and controls that restrict what can and can’t be done.


At the end of the day finding the best site for your project all comes down to putting in the time, conducting some proper research and getting the right team involved from the outset.


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