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If you’re not into food and don’t care about your health then eat cheeseburgers.
If you appreciate good restaurants with great food, wine and excellent service, you can probably see the advantages of using a specialist Design and Construct Builder.


I’ve often found myself educating clients about what a Design and Construct Builder actually does, not because they are uneducated but there seems to be a common misconception about us. This is especially so with regards to our fees for new home developments. People think we are expensive. They tend to ask “Why hire a Custom Design and Construct Builder when one of the other builders can get the job done at a fraction of the cost?” It’s a bit like comparing eating an apple with eating a raw potato.


I find the easiest way to explain it, is by comparing specialist Design and Construct Builders and other Builders to restaurants.  There are restaurants and there are fast food outlets. We know that a restaurant will always be significantly different from a fast-food franchise with a drive-through. If you think of the menu as a portfolio of work, you may already know most of what is available at KFC or Pizza Hut for example. The food will generally be affordable, fast and the same wherever you go. A cheeseburger in McDonald’s is comparable to a cheeseburger in Hungry Jacks. It’s not surprising then, that all the cheaper houses in our suburbs look the same. Some houses may have a little more sauce than others, but they are all just cheap cheeseburgers.


Given the choice, most people would prefer a restaurant. Looking at the menu in restaurants can be an exciting experience as one drools over the possibilities. An excellent meal with excellent service leaves one feeling content and fulfilled. It takes a lot more to be a great chef than it does to flip a burger.


There is a lot of training, practice, and experience needed to become a competent chef. A great chef will also be highly skilled, creative and able to coordinate a team. Good Builders don’t just build houses. Like great chefs, there is a lot that happens backstage to make a masterpiece.


A specialist Builder understands the fine ingredients needed to make a house function perfectly, look great while at the same time being safe and responsible to the environment.


If you’re into fast food then, by all means, go with one of the big builders and pick a cheeseburger home from their menu. But if you care about your health and want something better you have to use a Custom Home Specialist. There is no comparison. It is justified that specialist builders charge the fees that they do. You can ask to pay for an extra slice of cheese in your burger but don’t ever think of asking for a medium-rare eye fillet steak with mushroom sauce in a Hungry Jacks. However, many of the best restaurants can accommodate almost any request.


What Austral Build delivers is like a tailor-made Italian suit. There’s nothing better than a tailor-made suit but it’s hard to convince someone who’s never tried one on. Sadly many people these days prefer to bypass the custom design and construct package and pursue their dreams via a standard builder–seeking a cheaper option, only to be disappointed with the end results.


In this industry you get what you pay for: so if it seems very cheap- it’s going to be a cheap product and you’ll end up paying for it later on somewhere down the track. We see it happen over and over again with clients wishing they had gone for a full custom design and construct package from the start. Specialist Builders keep projects on track with both budget and time. They are instrumental in avoiding costly mistakes.


Unfortunately, there will continue to be developers trying to squeeze as many cheeseburgers onto a block as possible for a quick buck. Such developments don’t encourage happy homes or beautiful neighbourhoods. As a result, we live in suburbs of fast food. Sadly we all know what happens when we eat too much fast food. As our arteries get clogged up with junk food, our built environment can also become increasingly intoxicated. Ironically it is the architecturally designed custom homes that make record sale prices and profits. You may invest a bit more initially but the increase in value at the end of the day will be substantially more than any cheeseburger. So if you’re thinking of building anything- please do yourself and the world a favour by investing in a Specialist Custom Design & Construct Builder!


Alex| Austral Build


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