Our ethos is simple.

A built environment is not just a space to fill.

It’s a place to awaken. Austral Build’s projects are built on the belief that living spaces should exude personality; crafted with precision and attention to detail while avoiding the impractical. We believe in aesthetics, space and scale and in the power that built environments have to change the way people interact, live and connect.


This is the place where space meets mass. It’s not just the shape or configuration of a building. It’s a literal symphony of elements that come together to resolve an problem and form the desired outcome –

  • Position
  • Orientation
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Texture
  • Colour





Objectives need to be set here. What is the definition of function for a particular build and how can we get it to work effortlessly to meet these objectives?

This is where all players on the team come together and holistically to evaluate the design and construction factors. 

  • Client
  • Architect
  • Builder
  • Engineer



These are the features that make a space yours. They can enhance our lives on a daily basis.

You know that saying – “When you look good, you feel good”

Well, this definitely applies to your home or place of work too. It’s these highly personal touches that are born from creative spirit that can enhance our environments and lives, while creating stronger, healthier families and places of work.

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